Nobody likes to call the plumber. However, between hair, grease and everything else that ends up going down the drain, over time your plumbing really takes a beating. Does it seem like once you’ve called the plumber for a clogged drain, you end up having to call him back more and more often? At Strouse Plumbing, we always stress using the most cost-effective methods to unclogging drains. The first step is proper identification of the severity problem. We can use a camera to do just that. What we see will dictate the solution. For most drain clogs, we will recommend using conventional methods of unclogging. However, if your problem is severe, Hydro-Jet drain cleaning may be the best solution.

Jetting services are different from other forms of plumbing work in that high pressure water is used to unclog drains and pipes rather than a snake or harsh chemicals. Not only is this more environmentally friendly, it’s also more effective and less likely to damage your pipes.

Drains clog because debris becomes so thick inside the pipes that it becomes impacted. When a plumber uses a snake to unclog your drains (the typical tactic most plumbers use), he bores a hole in the debris. This allows the water to flow through again for a little while.

The problem with snaking is that it doesn’t really take care of the problem. You still have lots of debris in your drain pipes after they’ve been snaked. Because Hydro-Jet drain cleaning uses water, the entire pipe can actually be cleaned. Snaking focuses on boring a hole through the middle of the clog. Jetting services break through the clog by removing it from the wall of the pipe. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Do I want my drain pipes clean, or do I just want to bore a hole in the junk that’s clogging them?

Another advantage of Hydro-Jet drain cleaning is that it’s easier on the pipes themselves. Snakes can damage the pipes, especially after they’ve been used several times. This can lead to the need to replace the plumbing. Who wants that expense? Chemicals aren’t much better on the pipes and present the added problem of being rough on the environment.

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